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WordPress Installation, Setup & WP Admin

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This comprehensive training course is designed to guide beginners through the process of installing WordPress, setting it up, and getting familiar with the WP Admin interface. Whether you're starting a blog, a personal website, or an online business, this training will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to confidently manage your WordPress site. The training begins with an overview of web hosting providers and domain registration, helping you make informed decisions for your website. You'll learn how to choose a reliable web host and register a domain name if needed. Next, the training dives into the step-by-step process of installing WordPress on your domain. You'll discover how to navigate your web hosting account to find the WordPress installation option and follow the instructions to set up your website. Once WordPress is installed, you'll be introduced to the WP Admin dashboard, where the magic happens. The training will walk you through accessing the WP Admin interface and logging in with your credentials.

With access to WP Admin, you'll learn the basics of each key section:

  1. Dashboard: Understand the main overview of your website, including recent activity, drafts, and WordPress news.

  2. Posts: Learn how to create, edit, publish, and delete blog posts to share your content with the world.

  3. Pages: Discover how to create static pages for essential information like About Us, Contact, and Services.

  4. Media: Master the process of uploading and managing images, videos, and other media files for your website.

  5. Appearance: Customize the look and feel of your site using themes, and arrange the layout with widgets.

  6. Plugins: Explore the world of plugins to expand your website's functionality and add new features.

  7. Users: Manage user accounts, create new users, and assign appropriate roles and permissions.

  8. Tools: Access essential tools for importing or exporting content, setting up backups, and more.

  9. Settings: Configure general settings for your site, including site title, URL, time zone, and more.

By the end of this training, you'll have gained the confidence and skills needed to install WordPress, set it up, and navigate the WP Admin interface. You'll be equipped to manage your website efficiently, create engaging content, and customize the appearance and functionality of your site. Empower yourself with WordPress knowledge and take control of your online presence!